Training & Development Workshops

Leadership and Management Development

In most cases 80% of your resource is people. Develop the finest leaders to nurture and empower their teams through our bespoke leadership workshops and programmes.  

Sales Training

People buy from people that they like or that are like them.  Sales is simply being able to relate, connect, identify a need, fill that need and most importantly ask for the business when it feels natural and right.  At Ignite Performance , we find what's missing within your team and plug that gap. 

Coaching Workshops

When done correctly, coaching helps develop highly engaged and accountable teams.  Our workshops introduce coaching as another Management tool that can lead to incredible results.

Innovation Management Techniques

A range of proven techniques to enhance innovation and creativity.  When you 'brainstorm' you only think within the perimeters of your own mind.  To think differently you have to be facilitated differently.  This workshop will certainly get those creative juices flowing.

Customer Experience Training

Every Customer has an 'Emotional Bank Account' and everything your team does will contribute towards crediting or debiting from that account.  We can help you recognise those critical debit/credit points and develop a bespoke solution to enhance experience, improve satisfaction, maintain loyalty and deliver objectives.  

Presentation and Delivery Skills

Pitching for business and often disappointed? Nervous when delivering or presenting? Want to develop your own trainers or just want tips to stand out from the rest? Let us know what you need.

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